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Mon, Mar. 10th, 2008, 11:30 pm
Gay Rights and Heterosexual allies

A lot of my friends wonder why I, as a straight Black male, support Gay Rights.  The answer is simple.  Why would gay marriage and relationships threaten me?  As a secure man, I am more than comfortable with people living their lives however they feel like.  I believe that sexual orientation is innate, and gay people have as little choice in the matter than we heterosexuals do. 

I learned this lesson while living in an intentional community with a good friend of mine who is gay.  Having grown up Catholic, (like me), he hated his own gay nature.  If there were ever a man who would have cut out his own sexual nature in order to "please God", it was him.  Furthermore, he was an exceptional human being.: compassionate, kind, patient, charitable, etc...To reduce this incredible man to his sexual orientation would be demeaning.  If there is a God (which I hope and think there is), I believe that he loves my friend just as he is.  I'm willing to bet my soul on this.

I have since had many good friends who are gay, and my life has been considerably enriched by getting to know them. 

Don't be afraid to cross boundaries in your quest for your truth.  It will lead you down some interesting, rewarding paths.

Last thing: I believe that is the duty of heterosexuals to be vocally supportive of gay rights. This is a deal breaker for me.  Human rights include EVERYBODY, period.  Peace.